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  • ifd066 011 dtfp

    Miss Charise - Training The Sissy Slut

    Antoinne is summoned to the Overseers Common Room for an Overseers inspection and finds himself in deep trouble when Miss Charise not only finds his finger nails are dirty but that there are tell tale signs of masturbation on his underpants! Both these infactions are clear spankable offences but Spanking Centre Assistant Miss Charise has more discipline in mind for Antoinne as he is ordered to dress in frilly female frock to takae the spanking she has decided to administer! Length: 25m 20s This Video Is In High Definition

  • sw251 038 fdssMiss Zoe - Promoted To Boyfriend

    Summoned before his owner Miss Zoe, Adam is informed that she has a nice surprise for him. She is promoting him from lackey servant to boyfriend! He will of course still have to do as he is told and she would be spanking his bottom if he doesn't! But he will get to take her out and have her at his side.

    Miss Zoe goes into detail about how she will now also be giving him girlfriend spankings as opposed to lady spanking and Mistress spankings, each of which she ably demonstrates to her charge.
  • sw228 047 fdssGoddess Miss Kelly - House Boys Failure

    Upon arriving for duty at Miss Kelly's home, house boy Adam is summoned to the living room and confronted about his poor effort in cleaning the bathroom the previous day.

    Adam (as would most males) considered his efforts to be extremely good however it is not his judgement that matters but rather those of his Goddess. That is Goddess Miss Kelly. And the fact is that Miss Kelly is NOT satisfied and so now he must pay the consequences and be punished...

  • sw245ambersitter 160 fdssfp 1

    Miss Amber - Different Kind of Sitter

    A shock is coming to Adam as he returns home to discover his wife has hired Miss Amber to oversee him in her absence. Adam has been misbehaving the last few days and Miss Amber make it clear this kind of behaviour will certainly not be tolerated in the future by her. And to seal the deal he is sent to his bedroom and instsructed to prepare himself for a spanking from her. That means trousers down and wait in the corner for a stinging red bottom Adams pleas and attempts to bribe Miss Amber simply land him in more trouble as she decides to spank him extra hard for thinking he may be able to corrupt his strict new disciplinarian. Length: 30m 29s This Video Is In High Definition

  • ifd055 0570 fdssfpMiss Zoe & Jenna - Miss Jenna's First Day

    Thereis a special guest that has visited the Chelsea Spanking Centre today as Miss Jenna begins her first day as a new Remedial Behavioural Therapist charged with the task of spanking West London's unowned misbehaing males. In order to ensure that Miss Jenna understands her new role in the Spanking Centre the Spanking Centre Archon Miss Selina has visited to take her through the areas of her responsibility and to help her discipline and humiliate the mlaes that are sent to her on this first day. In this particular movie, the male in question is Arjun. And Miss Jenna is determined to show her new boss that she is fully capable of disciplining any male left in her charge. Length: 38m 48s This Video Is In High Definition
  • sw236linaweddingnight dtfp 1Miss Lina Birch - Wedding Night

    Miss Lina demonstrates today what married life is like for hapless males who want to spend the rest of their life with the dominant woman that they love in this very original themed discipline movie showing the true real essence that is Female Domination. Written as it was by Miss Acacia we take a look into the Female view of FemDom as Miss Lina begins training her man as a useful possession!
  • ifd38 031fdssMiss Acacia - Handling Grievance

    Mike, Steve and Alexis have all submitted an official complaint to the Board of Corrective Women that the tensions within the leadership of the IFD have caused them not to be allowed to squirt during the monthly supervised group masturbation sessions. Alexis has not bothered to attend the meeting with Miss Acacia believing the process to be pre judged and ultimately futile and so a call is put out for him only to discover that he has eloped from the building without permission...
  • sw246 039fdssMiss Amber - Practical Joker

    Sat chuckling to himself on the sofa, Adam contemplates how he has played a practical joke on his strict wife. In response to her emailing everybody in his office with a photo of his spanked bottom last time she had put him across her knee he has photshopped her face onto an embarassing photo and emailed it to everybody in her office...
  • Miss Shay - Unauthorised Entry Part 2Miss Shay Hendrix - Unauthorized Entry 2

    Miss Amy is away today having been called to an important meeting in front of the Board of Corrective Women's Executive Council to explain the recent spike in MLF activity at her IFD and so Miss Shay is currently filling Her role. As she reads through the varous reports and the punishments administered in the Punishment Book she discovers that a spanking she gave to mike when she caught him outside her door with a bulge in his trousers has been the subject of further investigation by Miss Amy. And Miss Amy discovered that he had been masturbating outside of her room whilst she had been changing...
  • Miss Charise - Training The Sissy Slut
  • Miss Zoe: Promoted To Boyfriend
  • Goddess Miss Kelly - House Boys Failure
  • Miss Amber - Different Kind of Sitter
  • Miss Zoe & Jenna - Miss Jennas First Day
  • Miss Lina Birch - Wedding Night
  • Miss Acacia - Handling Grievance
  • Miss Amber - Practical Jokers Spanking
  • Miss Shay - Unauthorised Entry 2

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